Created This Image for my Friends at Stickman Dialysis Industries

This image, will be the base to a campaign they are putting together for their mobile Daytripper CAPD Warmer. This amazing piece of equipment, that is all manufactured in the USA, allows individuals to care for their Dialysis, while enjoying their life "on the go". One of the owners of Stickman, himself... a patient, wanted to personally make his process easier, more comfortable and mobile. He has designed not only the products, but many of the tools to create them. They are committed to sharing this comfort and ease of use with others, and one of very few in the world (if not the only one), helping Dialysis patients maintain a "normal" lifestyle.

Here in the image, is their warmer and my kittens... Although appearing to be a simple shoot, It was a very challenging one.. These cats are feral cats, that we adopted. They are so sweet, and the farthest from Wild. Getting them to pose in a usable manor was a challenge, thanks for your patients Laura...

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