I am a Food/Beverage and Product Photographer... 

How did I get here?
Well, so greatful you asked, lol... 

It all started as a young boy, with a dream. A dream of becoming a world famous photographer (Psych!!) I was a young 15 year old with Birkenstock clogs, covered in flour and probably chocolate at Periwinkles Bakery in Searsport, Maine. I fell in love with baking, creating and most of all, not being in school. I was able to get lots of high school vocational credits on the job :)

I then went to culinary school at the CIA in Hyde Park, New York. I received an associates degree in Baking and Pastry Arts. During graduation I was lucky to have the insight to not have any strict goals. I knew that if I set a long term objective, I would have let very few things get in the way of that dream. 


This amazing journey truly came to life, when I eventually became Pastry Chef at the White Barn Inn in the early 2000's. I then joined the 3 star Michelin Inn at Little Washington in Virginia and left 2 years later when an opportunity became available in the Southwest of England. After 5 years in Great Britain, I found myself back home in Maine, returning to my roots at the White Barn Inn, with my mentor Jonathan Cartwright. After 2 decades of service, Jonathan left, giving me the reigns as Executive Chef. I would have called you crazy if you told me after all this time I would've traded in my knives for a camera.  

Hopefully, I haven't lost you and you're still reading away.

Well, you might be asking yourself? why am I on your photography page Derek, and all your doing is talking shop about cooking. 

Well, towards the end of my tenure at the White Barn, I picked up a camera and started to teach myself how to use it. I loved making food look great from a fresh medium. 

Since I left the kitchen, I have found much success in combining my 2 skillsets of cooking and photography. Send me your recipes and art direction and I'll do the rest. I have a studio in Biddeford, Maine, with a extensive prop and background collection. Your Brand is as important to me as it is to you, and I will represent your products as if they were mine. 

Select Clients:

Edible Maine

Modernist Pantry

Downeast magazine

The White Barn Inn

Cider Mill Press

Pastry Arts Magazine

Earth at Hidden Pond




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